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Online Visibility Pros Releases New Book: HVAC Marketing Simplified.

The key to business growth in any industry is finding an affordable and proactive method to capture new customers through online marketing programs. This is especially true in the HVAC sector; which is why Phoenix, Ariz. based Online Visibility Pros recently published a book entitled HVAC Marketing Simplified that provides owners and managers of HVAC businesses an easy to follow blueprint on how to create a powerful online marketing program that also permits them to convert those new leads into consistent business.

HVAC Marketing Simplified is a highly detailed and easy to follow, niche-based marketing guideline specifically written to meet the ever changing business landscape of the HVAC industry. Written by Brian Horwitz and Krysti Horwitz, the co-founders of Online Visibility Pros, this new book, just launched on provides HVAC businesses with successful strategies for online marketing success and it also gives several tools on how to fine-tune their marketing messaging to capture new customers.

"A major struggle that virtually any business must deal with daily is trying to convert qualified leads into consistent revenue," stated Brian Horwitz, a former Major League Baseball player and the co-founder of Online Visibility Pros that has specialized in working with contractor-based companies for the past four years. "The goal of HVAC Marketing Simplified is to give these business owners and managers of HVAC company's an easy-to-follow blueprint on how to create a solid online marketing program, activate that program to achieve success and most importantly, how to convert those new leads into consistent business. We've proven that our Internet marketing methods for Contractors at Online Visibility Pros work in the Southwestern United States; now it's time to share this knowledge with the world."

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Online Visibility Pros is dedicated to helping sub-contracting, construction and trade businesses such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roofing, emergency restoration, and other contractors attract targeted and qualified service phone calls and increase the lifetime value of their customers using proven marketing techniques and strategies. Integrating a proven system of core values, their mission is to help clients increase their online visibility, increase the lifetime value of a customer, and create enthusiastic fans for their business.

"At Online Visibility Pros we have created a solid core value platform that truly allows us to personally connect with each HVAC client on a deeper level," stated Krysti Horwitz, a lead-generation and conversion specialist and co-owner of Online Visibility Pros. "We are marketing junkies that love today's advanced technology but also take tremendous pride in listening to the needs, goals and hurdles that each of our HVAC clients have. We have taken the lessons learned, both successes and failures and fine-tuned our key messaging to create an easy to follow book that will give anybody working in the HVAC industry a blueprint for success."

If you would like to learn more about HVAC Marketing Simplified you can view the book on Amazon. For more information about Online Visibility Pros please visit their website @




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