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McQuay Drops PTAC Product Line, Air Distributors Introduces Replacements.

McQuay announces they will discontinue their PTAC product line. Air Distributors now stocking replacements for McQuay PTAC units.

Daikin Applied, formerly McQuay International, shocked the HVAC industry in March 2014 with the announcement that the entire PTAC product line would be discontinued. In fact, the last day to place an order for PTAC units was March 31, 2014. McQuay has been manufacturing PTAC units for over 50 years under the brand names McQuay, Singer, Remington, and Climate Control.

"The news of McQuay PTAC units being discontinued came as a shock," said Greg McNary, General Manager of Air Distributors. McNary also stated "we suspected this decision was coming, but not this soon. McQuay had announced earlier that the plant would close, but production would be moved to another plant." McQuay later changed its decision to move production in favor of dropping the PTAC product line altogether.

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In anticipation, Air Distributors has been working with manufacturers to get replacements to market. McQuay PTAC replacements are now in stock, and have been widely accepted by customers and contractors to be as good or better than the original. "We wanted to be sure that our customers had a quality alternative," added McNary. Air Distributors currently stocks replacements for the McQuay PNES/ENH/Series 16, the McQuay PDAE/PMES/MEA/EA, the McQuay PKES/MEK/K, and the PDHE/PMRS/RS PTAC units, with more on the way.

The discontinuation of McQuay PTACs brings Air Distributors new opportunities to connect with current and future customers to offer a top quality replacement PTAC. Customers will appreciate the competitive price point as well.

Air Distributors Company, Inc, based in Louisville, KY, Specializes in PTAC and specialty HVAC products for schools, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, motels, condos, offices, and other commercial buildings.




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