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Missouri Company gets SMART with Energy Saving Technology.

McQuerry’s 24Hr Heating & Air recently introduced the HVAC Smart Chip ™ microprocessor to their customers.

“Our clients love the idea. People are very concerned this winter with their Energy has been a difficult winter,” says Ron McQuerry. “We couldn’t believe the way customers have warmed to this technology, and we are typically selling them to 1 in 4 customers on just tune-ups; increasing our revenue dramatically on 25% of our maintenance calls. We have had a very successful winter, and this product has added to the success of the maintenance side of the business tremendously.”

Brian, a technician with McQuerry’s stated, “As a technician, I like the Hvac Smart Chip because it isn’t difficult to install and works on almost any system out there.” I am sure this spring is going to be incredible on the amount of installation based on savings being higher for AC than heating.

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Cheryl McQuerry says, “We like offering products that show a real and measurable value to our clients. It’s the kind of product I want in my own home from the day we received our first consignment.”

Donna, a customer at McQuerry’s writes, “I have seen a change in my kw usage this winter despite this being the 27th coldest winter in the history of Missouri. I am very happy with my decision to purchase the chip and am looking forward to the savings on my AC this summer!”

McQuerry’s 24Hr is excited about continuing to offer this savings opportunity in the future as well as extending the life of new systems by adding the HVAC Smart Chip ™ microprocessor to their system installations.

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