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Demand Response Feature Added to the Digi-RTU™ Developed by Bes-Tech, Inc.

Bes-Tech, Inc., an energy efficiency technology company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, is proud to announce a Demand Response option for HVAC rooftop units. This unique Demand Response feature is a function within Bes-Tech’s APPA award winning Digi-RTU rooftop HVAC optimization technology. The Demand Response feature accepts the Demand Response load limit factor signal from any third party’s Demand Response controller. The Digi-RTU supports a range of load limiting options: 0 - 100% by modulating the speed of the RTU’s compressor(s) and supply fan. This provides building owners and utility companies, flexibility in the DR programs they participate in and provide. This also makes the installation of the Digi-RTU eligible for DR utility incentives.

The Digi-RTU is an aftermarket control package designed to optimize rooftop units, matching space load with the rooftop output. Rooftop air conditions are the largest percentage of energy cost for commercial and industrial buildings. Interest in making these units run more efficiently is significant to building owners and utility providers. The Digi-RTU has been installed on a variety of buildings that include: offices, manufacturing, distribution centers, retail, and government. Benefits of the Digi-RTU are:

➢ Reduce the electricity demand up to 60%
➢ Reduce the electricity consumption up to 60%
➢ Demand Response single enabled
➢ CO2 based demand control
➢ Communicates with BAS systems and stand-alone thermostat

Based on the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL1) four areas of advanced controls for rooftop units, the Digi-RTU is the only product on the market that addresses each area to maximize electricity consumption and Demand Reduction. The Digi-RTU integrates the rooftop’s economizer, modulates the supply fan, modulates the compressor speed, and regulates indoor air CO2 levels. By intercepting heating and cooling calls, the Digi-RTU’s patented technology modulates the compressor and fan speeds to match the space requirements.

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“The Digi-RTU is already in a class of its own and the addition of the Demand Response feature further sets it apart from other HVAC optimization strategies. Modulation is the key to overall energy reduction and by managing both the compressor and supply fan the Digi-RTU is the solution of all climates,” said Bruce Geary, Vice President at Bes-Tech, Inc.

The Digi-RTU was awarded the American Public Power Association’s Energy Innovator Award in 2011.

About Bes-Tech
Bes-Tech is a leader in energy efficient building systems technologies. The company was founded on proven scientific engineering processes and technologies that reduce peak energy demand, minimize energy usage, and maximize energy efficiency. We actively work to lower the carbon footprint of the built environment.




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