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New Website Platform to Change the Trades Industry and Improve the Customer Experience.

We have all been there, looking out the window wondering when the service repairman is going to arrive and wondering how much it will cost to repair your broken AC. Or you have a leak under your sink and need help right away but no one is available for days.

You really would like an estimate but you have to pay a service fee. If you want multiple estimates that really takes a long time to gather. Then when the technician arrives he has to immediately leave to get parts. In this technological time we should be able to do better then this.

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Video Chat a Pro, Inc is a digital marketplace that provides a video chat platform for plumbing, electrical, irrigation, automotive repair, HVAC and appliance repair. Customers can shop for their pro, book a pro and video chat. Video Chat a Pro caterers to the do it yourself consumer and the customer that wants a professional company to do the repair. If you want to get multiple bids from a local company you can get that done now in a fraction of the time and far more economical.

Video Chat a Pro also provides solutions for the most common issues for trade businesses. Since the founders of Video Chat a Pro are from the trades industry they understand the problems trade businesses see each day. They have built the platform to improve the customer experience with the trades industries. Their goal is to improve efficiency, save everyone money and have an overall better experience.

Will Video Chat a Pro be the future of DIY home and automotive repair and hiring local trade businesses?




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