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Southwest HVAC News Guest Column

Why You Should Offer Green Comfort Solutions to Your Customer.

Green technology has increasingly become a topic of interest for consumers due to advances in technology, shifts in public policy and a growing awareness of the impact we have on our environment.

Many consumers are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and live a greener life but donít know where to start. Offering green product solutions like the ComforTune System give you the opportunity to upgrade your customerís existing system while making significant improvements to the way they use energy in their home.

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To the consumer, most think of having green options when considering cars and other modes of transportation. What they donít consider is the how about half of their home energy use goes toward heating and cooling. With the simple upgrade of a ComforTune System, you can significantly reduce home energy costs, leading to energy and monetary savings and less harm to the environment.

ComforTune motors offer premium heating and cooling operation by replacing the fixed-speed motor most home heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems use with a variable-speed motor. The ECM replacement in the ComforTune System boasts 80 percent efficiency. This alternative motor responds to the differing demands your customer may experience in their home, causing the motor to operate only at the capacity necessary. This variable option maximizes energy and reduces waste. The ability to tune or customize the airflow of an otherwise one-size-fits-all system mean your customer is not spending more than they need to in order to heat or cool their home. You can provide comfort along with energy efficiency while enjoying increased revenue with the ComforTune product solution.

The ComforTune System gives contractors a "better" option to offer homeowners looking to replace a failed PSC or ECM motor or those looking to upgrade their system on a budget. The ComforTune is the only solution that offers the option of customizing airflow to match your customer's comfort, energy and indoor air quality needs.




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